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SoCal Tamil Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship (STYLE) is a program initiated by the SoCal Tamil Organization for kids in middle, high school, and college. The STYLE program has been successful since its inception in 2018, thank you parents and students for your continuous participation and tremendous support. 

Following are STYLE team’s focus areas to empower our kids to excel in their career:

Style program focus areas

FAQs & answers of the STYLE program:

How do I enroll a student in the STYLE Program?

Please send an email to stylesocaltamil@gmail.com with your student’s details. The STYLE team will reach out to you to enroll your student.

How does the STYLE team communication happen? 

The STYLE program has a Google classroom where we share the session details and all the materials associated with every session with the registered participants.

The registered STYLE participants & their parents are also communicated through our WhatsApp group messages.

What is a STYLE session?

The STYLE coordinators plan ahead to invite guest speakers who are expert in their career path or passionate to motivate our students in various focus areas mentioned above. We also encourage the student speakers to make presentations on topics of their interest.

Students who have enrolled in the STYLE program will receive updates about upcoming sessions via email/WhatsApp a couple of weeks ahead of the event. If it is their topic of interest, they can register for the session and participate. Due to the pandemic situation, the STYLE program has been successfully executed through Zoom sessions. 

How frequently are the STYLE sessions conducted?

Usually the sessions are conducted once or twice in a month on Saturday evenings after 5 PM. The session duration is around 1.5 hours. Timings may vary**.

Do the kids need to register for every STYLE session?

If the topic is of their interest, they can register and participate. It’s just a quick 1 minute process. The registration helps us to plan our sessions better. 

What other activities do the STYLE participants do?

The STYLE program leaders coordinate multiple volunteering efforts to help our middle/high school students to earn volunteer hours. This includes volunteering in various SoCal Tamil Organization events, Tamil schools, fundraiser events and other volunteering organizations like Young translators, Vetrivel foundation, USKids4Water, etc. Our ultimate goal is to steer the STYLE program towards youth LEADERSHIP & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

What kind of sessions are conducted in STYLE?

  • Leadership series – Interact with public leaders and successful entrepreneurs 
  • Education Series – Science & Technology 
  • Motivation Series – Public speaking, Building confidence, Personal finance for Youth 
  • Volunteering Series – Spreading awareness, Coordination with various volunteer orgs
  • Career Series – Explore opportunities in various industry domains 

Is this program free to register?

Yes. The STYLE program registration is absolutely free. It’s run by passionate volunteers who are motivated to empower next generation youth leaders and entrepreneurs. Student presentations are acknowledged with certificates of recognition. 

What’s the minimum age to participate? 

We encourage the students from age 12+ to register and participate in the STYLE program. If someone who is interested and younger than 12 are also welcome to participate, as long as they think the sessions are useful and relevant. 

Does the STYLE session happen in Tamil?

It happens in English to make it easier for all the participants. No restriction for any other language speaking students to register and participate. Sometimes, the speakers and students are willing to communicate in Tamil during the session, that’s okay. 

Are the students expected to attend all sessions?

Not really. You are welcome to attend whichever suits your interest and the ones you registered.

How can parents help the STYLE program?

  • If you know someone who could inspire our participants, please let us know and we shall work on bringing them to the podium. 
  • Every session participant will receive a feedback email after the session is over. Please give us your valuable feedback, suggestions and comments on areas of improvement. 
  • Also, we may need volunteers for certain sessions (long term commitments are not required). Please let us know if you wish to join us. 

Whom do we contact regarding any questions or feedback?

The STYLE program coordinators: 

  • Mr. Saravanan Somu (since 2021)
  • Mr. Prabhu Easwaran (since 2022)

Contact email id: stylesocaltamil@gmail.com

Our sincere thanks to all the previous STYLE program coordinators and the advisory team

  • Mr. Natarajan Venkatesan
  • Mrs. Anu Vinod
  • Mr. Sundar Markandeyan
  • Mrs. Nithya Uthaman
  • Mr. Saravanan Subramanian 
  • Mr. Sankar Kuppusamy
  • Mrs. Durga Kailasam
  • Mr. Jeevanandam Natrajanmoorthy
  • Mr. Bala Balakrishnan
  • Mr. Balaji Sriraghavan
  • Mr. Nachiappan Subramanian

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