SOCAL Tamil Kalvi Annual Day 2020-2021 - Cultural Enrollment Form

Participation is only open to students of SoCal Tamil Kalvi in all seven locations( Irvine, Brea, Eastvale, Bakersfield, Santa Maria, Mission Viejo, Antelope Valley)

Rules and Regulations

1. The annual day for the academic year 2020-2021 is planned to be held during May 2021, tentatively on 15th May 2021 Virtually.

2. If you would wish to participate in cultural activities please fill-in this enrollment form no later than 20th March 2021 as we are closing all registrations by the end of this day.

3. Submit your registration for each of the cultural program from your location separately.

4. The total time duration for each location will be decided based on the individual school location’s strength and the time for each cultural program could be up to 3 minutes maximum.

5. All programs must be group performance with a minimum of 5 students or more. Students can participate in only ONE program.

6. The program should be pre-recorded in a video format, uploaded to google drive and access should be provided to

7. The programs should be appropriate for all populations (younger and older) and preferably in a theme to promote Tamil language and culture.

8. Parent volunteers from each school location to lead each performance and their details have to be provided on this form.

9. Participation in cultural programs is optional due to the pandemic.

10. Events rules will be communicated in detail shortly in the coming days.


Contact :Karthikeyan Sakthivel @ 410-984-9568

Jhansi Johinth @310-525-7438

Senthil Mahen @ 951-743-4182